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199A Fix 'Dilly, Dilly"
Dozens of companies that buy U.S. commodities wrote Congress supporting a tax-law change that would reassert some balance to the tax benefits farmers receive for selling to farmer cooperatives but would tone down the tax deduction compared to language in the new tax law.
Organic Livestock Rule Ended
USDA has officially ended the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule, which would have required a certain amount of space -- both indoors and outside -- for animal or poultry products to meet the National Organic Program guidelines. The rule was blocked from going into effect last year after President Donald Trump took office.
Hybrids to Have
A new list is out of sorghum hybrids that show good tolerance to the sugarcane aphid.
NOAA: Wetter Midwest Spring
Lingering impact from a fading Pacific Ocean La Nina event leads to wetter and cooler spring weather for the Midwest.
Family Business Matters
An organizational structure and defined roles help in the transition to new leadership.
EU Lists Tariff Targets
The European Commission on Friday released the full list of U.S. products to face retaliatory tariffs due to the Trump administration's push for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Several agricultural commodities were listed, including rice, cranberries and sweet corn.
Cash Market Moves
The first barge has yet to make its way through Lake Pepin to get to St. Paul, Minnesota, because the ice in the middle of the lake was still too thick on March 14, 2018, to allow tows to pass through.
Spray Like a Pro
Applicator sand farmers learn proper techniques at Asmark Institute course.
Weather Watch
Checking wind and temperature can be vital to the safe and effective application of herbicides.