Hans Overby Retirement

Happy Retirement to Buster!

Today we would like to celebrate Buster (Hans Overby). He put in an amazing 33 years with CHS and was our main guy at our Courtenay location. He was also one of the most requested floater operators and covered many acres for us. We are going to miss him greatly, but he has very much earned this. Enjoy your retirement years Buster! 

Thank you Chelsey for 5 Years!

5 years in our grain department

We would like to give a shout out to Chelsey McMillan for 5 years as one of our grain graders! Thank you Chelsey!

Remember the Basics

Successful weed control comes down to including a residual herbicide, using an effective adjuvant system, and two key points.

Successful weed control comes down to including a residual herbicide, using an effective adjuvant system, and these two key points:


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1.  Get to the plant: InterLock®
Data from WinFIeld® United’s patented Spray Analysis Systemhas shown that up to 54% of spray volume can be lost before it even reaches its intended target1.

InterLock® adjuvant, a drift and deposition aid, reduces driftable fines by up to 60%2, which makes the spray droplets more likely to penetrate deeper into a crop’s canopy to reach the surfaces of target weeds.  


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2. Optimize Uptake: Class Act NG® water conditioner.  Crop-based adjuvant system (CornSorb® technology) with a non-ionic surfactant and AMS for water conditioning.  It’s best-in-class and an industry standard when used with glyphosate.


Other factors to keep in mind include water volume, coverage, and droplet size which will be key for your herbicide products to reach their full potential as weed resistance increases.

Corn – Tank Mix & Nozzle Selection Recs

Contact your Central Plains Ag Services agronomist for our complete post-emerge spray application recommendations. 


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